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Movement is life, and without it, life stops happening.

Our approach to ensuring successful treatments is relatively simple. Life reveals itself in the form of movement. Wherever movement is prevented, disease will set in. 

Ensuring sufficient movement and mobility is a basic requirement for a healthy, pain-free life.
Without movement and mobility, the supply of nutrients slows and removal of toxins and waste products in the body is impaired. A lack of exercise will cause harm to health. People are all too often sat in their chairs for long stretches during the day, with the body bent at a right angle, adopting an entirely unnatural posture. This posture leads to paralysis of the muscles, with the pelvis losing its stability, the spine losing its elasticity, and the intervertebral discs suffering from impaired nutrient flow. This results in a deformed spine, with areas of tension, headache, slipped discs, pain, repercussions for mental health etc.

As part of treatment, we modify this unphysiological tension in the muscles and fascia by means of targeted treatment, always adapting our approach to each individual client, drawing from our broad knowledge from our various training courses.

Life is movement

— Renato Dirks

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