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Liebscher and Bracht

LNB pain-therapy is a novel, highly-effective and self-contained method for treating pain. It is based on over 25 years of development, and the practical experience of both Dr. Petra Bracht and Roland Liebscher-Bracht. In addition to osteo-pressure approaches (an acute treatment using manual manipulation), it involves LNB Motion Therapy to ensure long-lasting freedom from pain as well as a health-focused treatment for optimisation of the metabolism to keep complaints at bay by supporting our general health.

LNB works on the principle that most of the pain that people suffer nowadays is “switched on” by our brain due to excessive tension in the musculature and fascia, in order to protect the body from damage due to conditions such as osteoarthritis or slipped discs. Liebscher and Bracht have developed their osteo-pressure and “fascia bottleneck stretches” from LNB Motion, designed to tackle the mechanisms which cause pain by getting to the root of the problem to ensure long-lasting success.

The Pain Explanation Model

A new, interdisciplinary model for understanding pain

The treatment developed by Liebscher & Bracht has the potential to start a much-needed paradigm shift in pain therapy. The basis for this shift is a realisation that most of the common pains and wear-and-tear associated with joints and the spine are caused by unphysiological strain of the muscles and fascia. The levels of tension are often too high, arising due to a widespread neglect in modern life to use the full range of our genetically “built-in” potential for movement.

To sum up in one sentence: Our day-to-day movements can produce a torrent of awful consequences for our bodies, as well as seemingly avoidable pain. Sitting is the new smoking, and is the basic feature underlying our lack of movement 

Summarized in one sentence

Our one-sided, narrow-angled and tight movements (sitting 7-9 hours a day) in everyday life cause, in addition to seemingly senseless pain, an avalanche of fatal consequences!

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