FDM Fascia Therapy

The fascia-distortion model, according to Typaldos

The fascia-distortion model, according to Typaldos

The fascia-distortion model was developed by the doctor and osteopath, Stephen Typaldos D.O., and is a revolutionary method for the treatment of pain associated with the musculoskeletal system.

But it also goes one step further… It is a stand-alone diagnostic and treatment concept that combines the fields of osteopathy and orthopaedics.

The fascia are part of the human connective tissue, forming the basic underlying structures in the human body. If these fascia are affected by an injury, an accident or simply the stresses and strains of daily life, the result can be pain and/or functional limitations.

Rapid therapy

Practical application of the fascia-distortion model (FDM) allows for rapid treatment of these symptoms. A targeted examination can be used to determine triggering factors, and these are corrected by the trained FDM therapist using special manual manipulation techniques.

The aim of all FDM interventions is to ensure an anatomical correction of the fascia. If the change in shape can be corrected, immediate

improvements in strength, mobility and/or pain can be achieved. Long rest periods can usually be avoided, making it possible to return to normal activities quickly.

We are certified EFDMA therapists!

Information on the subject:

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