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Renato Dirks

I am Ostfriese, and I was born on the second most beautiful island in the world (after Mallorca): Norderney.

I realised early on that movement would play an important role in my life, despite Norderney being very small (14 km long and just 2 km wide).

That’s how I knew that I wanted to become a physiotherapist, in addition to the fact that my girlfriend at the time, Silvia (now my wife of over 30 years) had already completed her training.

Right after my training, I opened my own practice in Oldenburg. 

My life motto is “movement is life, and without it, life stops happening”.

The healthier and freer of pain we can be, the better we feel, and the easier it is for me to be optimistic. 

Taking enough exercise, following a sound and healthy diet, all rounded off with positive encounters in life make up my basic principles.

I recommend a diet which follows the 80/20 rule, which consists of 80 percent ‘essential foods’. Not only will this help you to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, but it will also keep your acid-base balance in check.

No one is born an optimist or a pessimist. Just like riding a bike, a positive attitude to life is something that can be learned. Each and every day, it is up to you to decide whether you will see the good or the bad in each situation we find ourselves in. 

You can change… And live!

Renato Dirks

  • Alternative practitioner, member of the BDH (German Association of Alternative Practitioners)
  • Sports osteopath, member of the VOSD (German School of Osteopathy)
  • Physiotherapist with over 25 years’ experience
  • Pain therapist following the Liebscher and Bracht/LNB method
  • Certified specialist therapist in EFDMA (FDM according to Typaldos), member of EFDMA
  • Osteopathy training for dogs according to Paolo Tozzi:
    (Doctorate in Osteopathy and Posturology. Co-Director of the School of Osteopathy C.R.O.M.O.N. of Rome, Director of the first Italian School of Veterinary Osteopathy (S.Os.V.I.).
  • Soft osteopathy practices according to Ackermann
  • Manual therapist
  • F.O.I. Functional Orthonomy and Integration
  • Medical flossing
  • Training as a medically-approved lymphatic drainage and oedema therapist
  • Sports physiotherapist of the DSB (German Sports Association)
  • Training as a CYRIAX therapist at the Internal Academy of Orthopaedic Medicine (IAOM)
  • Leader at the back-training school of the ZVK (German Physiotherapy Association) and the DGOT (German
    Association of Osteopathic Therapy)
  • Rocktape instructor (sport taping)
  • 12-times Ironman, 4-times Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, former 2nd Bundesliga handball player
The Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him the most; he replied:
Man, as he sacrifices his health to make money.
Then he sacrifices his money to get his health back.
He is so fixated on the future that he cannot enjoy the present.
The result is that he lives neither in the future nor in the present.
He lives as if he would never die, and he dies as if he had never lived.

— Dalai Lama —

Silvia Dirks

For as long as I can remember, I have always been happy moving around and doing sports.

Even as an infant, I was in the gym, and would later discover swimming, tennis, badminton, aerobics and yoga. After finishing secondary school, I decided pursue training in physiotherapy because I was fascinated by the functions of the body and its amazing capacity to adapt in all senses.

In 1988, a great dream came true and my daughter was born: a wonderful time as both a mother and a physiotherapist!

For 30 years, I was highly motivated to help make people happy by freeing them of their pain and helping them to achieve functional improvements.

In addition, from 2013, I started “one-to-one” personal training, supporting healthy people in their exercise training.

My main areas of focus here were functional training, marathons, triathlons, 2nd Bundesliga, 7x Ironman, running training and Fascia-Yoga.

I have been a proud dog owner since 2019, and have been living in Mallorca since April 2021.

Here my journey of “movement” will continue on its path…

Silvia Dirks

  • Physiotherapist with over 30 years’ experience
  • Pain therapist following the Liebscher and Bracht method
  • FAYO® Trainer
  • Certified fascia therapist according to Typaldos (EFDMA)
  • Sectoral alternative-medicine practitioner in physiotherapy
  • Soft osteopathy practices according to Dr. Ackermann
  • Myofascial trigger-point therapy
  • Facia manipulation according to Seven Kruse applying FAZER by ARTZT vitality
  • F.O.I. Functional Orthonomy and Integration
  • Medical flossing
  • Manual therapy
  • KG on the device
  • Personal trainer with ‘A-type’ license
  • Running trainer
  • Nordic walking instructor
  • Rocktape instructor (Sport Taping)
  • Former triathlon participant (7 x IRONMAN)

Annette Kaufhold

Life is like a breathtaking ride on a bicycle, full of challenges and unpredictable curves. The words of Albert Einstein echo inside me: “To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” A profound truth that seems to be the beating heart of life itself.

Not moving is like denying the essence of life; it’s like not wanting to see the colors of the rainbow. In my childhood and youth, I detested sports, even physical education at school. Ironically, I grew up on the hallowed lines of the tennis court, surrounded by the world of sport. However, my true love of exercise only sparked when I was forced to give up tennis because of my knock-knees. A compound fracture of my foot imprisoned me for almost an entire year, and it took a seemingly endless amount of time before I was able to experience the simple happiness of walking again.

During this time of self-reflection, a truth of immeasurable depth was revealed to me: everything in our lives is movement, and without this living force, all is lost. Body, mind and soul are inextricably linked, a harmonious interplay of physics, chemistry and biology. Our body, this amazing marvel, demands movement like flowers demand sunlight.

In my courses, in my therapy sessions, in everything I do, I strive to move people on all levels. It’s not just about physical fitness, but about awakening the spirit of life, touching the soul. For me, a day without movement is not only a lost day, but also a missed adventure, an opportunity to experience life in all its colorful glory.

So let’s cycle together through the kaleidoscope of life, seek balance and discover the true essence of our being in movement. Because in movement lies not only health, but also the magic of life itself.

Annette Kaufhold

  • Liebscher and Bracht pain therapist
  • bodyArt Instructor
  • DTB Pilates course leader
  • DTB yoga course leader
  • Power Yoga Teacher
  • DTB trainer pelvic floor
  • Iron System Instructor
  • Deep Work Instructor
  • Exercise leader B, sport in prevention, posture and movement
  • Specialist trainer for wellness and health
  • Course leader BodyMind TriloChi
  • Course instructor training Cardio-Fit
  • Instructor training for back fit
  • Instructor training Feldenkrais in health sports
  • DTB Instructor Kantaera
  • Drums Alive Instructor
  • Athletic Rituals
  • Safs & Beta Physio-Fitness Trainer Personal Trainer (Shenti Sports)

Henning Leppek

The love for the sea, the experience of healthy sea air, the peculiarity of the people who like to use this region as a center of life led me to the beautiful North Sea island of Sylt in 2003. Many jobs as a physiotherapist, personal trainer and health consultant have made me commute between Sylt and Mallorca over the last 15 years. Giving people the joy of exercise or regaining a healthy level of mobility after illness or injury is my job and a matter close to my heart. It is important to me to pick people up where they are at the moment. Together we will define an achievable goal, even if conventional medicine is often pessimistic. I look forward to accompanying you on your way towards health, mobility and joie de vivre.

Your Henning

Henning Leppek

  • Physiotherapist
  • Back school teacher
  • Fitness trainer A license from the international academy
  • Nutritionist
  • Coach for prevention and rehabilitation
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Sports Taping
  • Medical Flossing
  • 3x Ironman finisher
  • Marathon runners (number around 50, as well as ultra runs)
  • Quadratlon Relay World Champion 2010
  • More than 10 years of physiotherapeutic support for the special forces of the Bundeswehr
  • therapeutic support at national and international competitions (in the areas of running, triathlon, canoeing and maritime pentathlon)


Silvia’s therapy dog makes a huge contribution to our team, and helps out wherever he can during therapy!

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